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Queer-pop icon Sean Wyer unveils effortless new single 'Videogames'

Based in London, Sean Wyer is one of those names that you'll be remembering from here on out. Creating addictive music without certain limitations, Sean's music speaks wonders to thousands across the world simply because he creates relatable tracks. Back with, quite possibly, his strongest track to date, 'Videogames' was written in one sitting - if that doesn't show his talent, who knows what will! Receiving support from CLASH, CLOUT and VENTS Magazine, the effortless new single continues to turn peoples heads, almost one month later.

Sharing his thoughts on the adventurous new single, Sean says, “Videogames is really about missing people you love. Lockdown was incredibly tough in that way. I’d fallen for a guy, but I was scared to tell him. I spent my teenage years in the closet, so I hadn’t had many chances to experience these deeply romantic feelings before. It was mid-lockdown and playing video games was a way to take my mind off how I felt. I’d get lost in the game and it made it easier to not think about things. In the end, I worked through my emotions by writing this song for him.”

"Videogames" is out worldwide now - grab your own copy and stick it on your playlist, it's incredible.


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