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R&B Riser Zhanel's Fierce Offering 'Superficial Love'

This year up and coming R&B star Zhanel released her debut album 'Regrets'. Showing off her polished style, Zhanel fuses together classic R&B with her own unique and modern touch. Taken from the album is stand out track 'Superficial Love', which shows off Zhanel's flawless vocals and a sleek production, courtesy of her brother 50 kiks.

“I’d gone through [a situation] where a guy I liked was toying with my emotions. One minute he was into me and the next he was into someone else...I took inspiration from both Summer Walker’s song Playing Games and Ruth B’s song Superficial Love” - Zhanel shares.

Watch the video for 'Superficial Love' here: Follow Zhanel on Instagram


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