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Rawbot’s Debut ‘Tape Stories’ Is A Production Masterclass

Rawbot is the artist paving the way with a unique blend of sound designs and augmented samples. The recent album ‘Tape Stories’ is an album bursting at the seams with some seriously slick production. Rawbot is unafraid to fuse together a feast of contrasting sounds that, when put together, create a beat that is like nothing else we’ve really come across. It’s interesting, versatile and completely consuming.

Watch Rawbot's Video for '1000 Miles' off Tape Stories

Rawbot’s manipulation of samples throughout the whole is album is a serious highlight. ‘Stories’ kicks off the whole body of work with a perfectly pieced together sample and sets the tone of ‘Tape Stories’ with a seamless, slick sound. Rawbot’s percussion and drums throughout all of the eight tracks are expertly designed. There’s a completely fresh sonic universe for each track, all with a perfectly chosen set of percussion fuelling the fire beneath it. ‘Nothing Wrong’ is a complete standout. With an out of this world synth sailing through the track, the drums punch through your headphones all the while. The transitions in this track show serious skill. Again, Rawbot’s sample expertise is a show stopper as they lead us on a journey through his production prowess. Throughout the whole of ‘Tape Stories’ Rawbot boldly blends the best of varying genres and vibes whether it be through the samples swimming through the song or the beat bouncing below. ‘The End’ (surprisingly) concludes the album with an invigorated energy. The mixture of textures is utter ear candy. Whilst Rawbot’s debut has a really good, grounded sense of identity, each track still showcases new intricacies of the creative project’s extensive skill. ‘Tape Stories’ is a seriously strong debut from Rawbot, I couldn’t pick one track I wouldn’t want as my daily soundtrack every day of the week.

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