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Rebekka Louise's 'Shame Is An Old Friend' Delves into Mental Health and Relationships Through Magical Music

Rebekka Louise’s latest album, ‘Shame Is An Old Friend’, takes us on an emotional ride through the ups and downs of mental health struggles and their impact on relationships. This album dives deep into the real, raw experiences of those dealing with mental health issues and the loved ones supporting them.

From the get-go, you can feel that Rebekka Louise has put her heart and soul into this project and it shows in each of the album’s eight tracks. Her lyrics are honest and packed with emotion, making you feel every word. Speaking on the creation for the song, Rebekka states, "My aim was to explore all the different aspects of being someone who’s struggling and being in a relationship with someone who’s struggling. I wanted to express how it makes both parties feel and the complexities involved. Creating this album was a cathartic experience for me, helping me understand my own emotions and gain a deeper understanding of others."

Musically, ‘Shame Is An Old Friend’ is an exciting mix of electronica with beautiful live string sections popping in and out. You can hear the influences of artists like Aurora, Maria Mena, The Neighbourhood, Billie Eilish, and Madison Beer, but Rebekka has crafted a sound that’s all her own. “I wanted to challenge myself with the sound, experimenting with digital instruments to create something unique. It was incredibly fun and rewarding to push the boundaries of what I could do with synthetic sounds."

One of the highlights of this album is Rebekka’s amazing vocal performance. Her voice is powerful and full of emotion, perfectly capturing the album’s themes. Whether she’s singing about deep despair or glimmers of hope, her delivery is captivating and genuine. Every song pulls you in and makes you feel like you’re right there with her.

The album was mostly recorded in Rebekka’s living room, with some tracks done at Tileyard Studios in London, adding a cosy, personal touch. This homey vibe matches the album’s intimate themes, making it feel even more relatable. Songs like ‘There’s Something In The Shadows’ give a taste of the album’s emotional depth and creative sound. Each track tells a part of the bigger story, exploring guilt, despair, and the tough journey toward self-acceptance. The music encourages listeners to face their own emotions and vulnerabilities.

Rebekka Louise’s ‘Shame Is An Old Friend’ shows just how much she’s grown as an artist and her dedication to honest self-expression. It’s a powerful, moving album that highlights her incredible talent and invites listeners to connect deeply with the music. This album cements Rebekka as a rising star in the experimental pop scene, ready to make a big impact. ‘Shame Is An Old Friend’ is a stunning achievement. It's a cathartic journey through mental health’s complexities, full of authenticity and emotional depth. Rebekka Louise’s blend of raw lyrics, intricate synths, and heartfelt vocals creates an unforgettable listening experience that sticks with you long after the music stops.

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