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redbook Release Powerful Performance Of 'little friend'

redbook are the musical duo making waves in the music scene right now with their recently released single ‘little friend’. The dynamic duo is made up of Swiss-born pop lover Soraya Grosso and British guitarist Jake Tweddle and the music that the two can create is beyond beautiful. Their sound is rooted in the acoustic ballad sphere, but, make no mistake, redbook are far from a pastiche. Instead, they are an effortless evolution of a tradition before them. With a sea of singles and EP’s behind them, redbook are building on their immense momentum with the release of both a single and a stunning live video to accompany it.

‘little friend’ is a beautiful acoustic ballad from redbook. Boasting a brilliant soundscape of subtle guitar countermelodies and striking singing from Soraya, ‘little friend’ pushes the boundaries on what folk inspired sounds can be. Their recent live version, filmed at the Old Saxon Church (Albury), is truly a breathtaking performance from the pair. Soraya’s vocals are simply outstanding as they swim through the church hall. Jake’s steady strumming lays a solid foundation for beautifully blending choir bolstering redbook’s sound. This goosebump giving performance just goes to show that even through a screen, real talent will have you stuck to your seat.

Watch ‘little friend’ Live At The Old Saxon Church on Youtube:

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