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Remayn Captivates With Breath-taking New Album

While not impossible, it is quite rare for an artist to churn out a flawless piece of work. Most albums have their strong points, but most albums have their shortcomings as well. There are, however, exceptions to that rule. Indie artist Remayn’s most recent effort may be short and sweet, but it is one that I would consider to be perfect in every way. From its heartbreaking lyrics to its gentle melodies to its perfectly place vocal displays, Remayn’s album ‘Him Always, Them Sometimes, Her Forever’ is currently my favorite album.

From the opening, euphoric soundscapes of the opening track ‘TNYL’ to the gentle and lolling grace of its closing track ‘Mint,’ every track has a place that shines equally as bright. His music is very calm and ideal for thunderstorm gazing or late-night journaling. It is the kind of music you might hear in a coffee shop as background noise, until it absolutely creeps into your subconscious and takes over. It will have you walking up to the barista to ask what that beautiful music is because you know you would always regret not asking.

This album is on a constant loop for me and deservedly so. Remayn is an artist that everyone should be on the lookout for, because his talent knows no bounds and his music is just that good. Do the smart thing and give this album a listen today.


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