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Revenge Is Sweet: Not Now Norman's Taylor Teams Up With Victoria Owsnett

The new single: 'RUN BOY (PT. 2)' from Not Now Norman featuring Victoria Owsnett and produced by Geo Moon has just dropped. And revenge is hella sweet...

After escaping a domestic abusive relationship from the same abuser, singer Taylor-Grace and Victoria Owsnett find support and healing from each other as they confront the monster their former partner truly is. This track is a reworking of an original version, this time featuring guest vocals from Victoria Owsnett and a new spin on the meaning. The song is inspired from stories from other victims of domestic abuse. The song focuses on both women sharing their stories and realising that they are now free from their abuser. The two continue to support each other and others.

We love the lyrics on this:

"Flags of red

My mind hanging by a thread

As the fire within me slowly dies

You've done this before

You can't hide who you are"

All in all, a super catchy track with sleek production from versatile producer Geo Moon and all-round awesome vocals from both Taylor and Vic, whose voices perfectly compliment one another. This sounds like it belongs on a killer movie soundtrack. Don't miss it.



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