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Hey beautiful followers of Curious for Music I’m here to brighten up your Monday morning with the incredibly delightful new offering by all round impressive creative Nonviolenze and his colourful album Seasons.

What I believe makes this album an extra special treat for your ears is how Nonviolenze puts his full creative spirit into this work of art. He is a gifted poet and painter and by listening to this beautiful album you can tell that he has a flair for expressing his emotions and relating with his audience on a personal and heartfelt level.

I could tell that the tracks have clearly been carefully chosen to feature on the album and show Nonviolenze’s potential as a musician, displaying classic rock amongst a blend of different genres that compliments his vocals perfectly.

Seasons pays homage to the beauty of earth. Talking about his latest release Nonviolenze stated that :

“Seasons is a tribute to the Paternal Sun, Mother Earth and their four offspring’s – Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.”

With clear influence from legends such as Pink Floyd, John Mayer, Roger Waters, Bob Dylan, John Legend, and Led Zeppelin. I can tell it’s not going to be long before Nonviolenzes is a household name through his confident storytelling and the ambition to create meaningful music.

Keep an eye out for Nonviolenze’s upcoming album ‘Seasons’ after the 27th July release of ‘Green’

Written by Holly Sawal


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