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Rich Lown has unveiled a stunning new single: 'Place Where I Call Home '

Rich Lown is a songwriter and a storyteller, with a passion for sharing unique melodies and spontaneous vibes with his wonderful music. This talented artist has recently dropped a new single and music video. You can expect a dazzlingly raw and candid subject matter and accompanying visuals.

Rich Lown is not going to let you down with his comprehensive and magnetic songwriting style, which highlights the dynamic edge of the music overall, while still bringing some conceptual value to the table in terms of meaning and connection - the two essential components of great songwriting. It comes as no surprise to hear that Rich has supported the likes of Joan Armatrading and Boyzone.

Find out more about Rich Lown, and do listen to 'Place Where I Call Home', which is currently available for stream and download online, including Spotify:

Watch the beautiful video here:

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