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Rising Artist Summon Luke's Latest Single 'Without You' Featured in the New Film Moon Garden

Summon Luke (Luke Harris), an emerging artist known for his distinct blend of electronic industrial music and pop rock sensibilities, is making waves with his captivating sound. Drawing inspiration from fantasy and tragedy, Summon Luke crafts epic songs that transport listeners into otherworldly realms. Complementing his music, his visuals are infused with elements from the realms of sci-fi and fantasy.

Summon Luke has teamed up with vocalist Lucy Oaks for an enchanting and heartfelt rendition of the Harry Nilsson song 'Without You', which has been chosen as part of the original soundtrack for the highly anticipated motion picture Moon Garden, currently playing in select theatres nationwide.

Reflecting on the genesis of the song, Summon Luke shares, "Years ago, I composed and arranged 'Without You' specifically for the movie Moon Garden. During the creative process, I had the privilege of collaborating with a talented group of artists from Columbus, OH. Lucy Oaks from Fine Animal, Mike Stokes from our band Playing to Vapors, Zack Cramp from Zamp Kamp, and Liz Fisher from the Cordial Sins all contributed their immense skills to create a captivating cover of the timeless classic by Harry Nilsson. Additionally, the film's director, R. Stevens Harris, joined us for parts of the arrangement. 'Without You' serves as a recurring theme throughout the film, embodying the profound connection the daughter shares with her mother, acting as her guiding light."

As Summon Luke continues to establish himself as a boundary-pushing artist, 'Without You' stands as a testament to his ability to evoke emotions through his powerful musical compositions. Audiences nationwide will have the opportunity to experience this compelling track in the cinematic journey of Moon Garden as well as across all major streaming platforms.

Check out the lyric video below:


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