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Riva Taylor redefines multi-cultural pop with new album 'Colours of Blue'

Riva Taylor's highly anticipated album, Colours of Blue is a vibrant mosaic of emotions and experiences, woven with soulful melodies and Latin American rhythms. This album marks a significant evolution in Taylor's sound, blending her love for jazz, bossa nova, and world rhythms with contemporary pop elements, resulting in a collection that is both deeply introspective and irresistibly catchy.

The title track, "Colours of Blue", is a standout piece featuring Mexican artist Ervin River. Co-produced by Juan Luis Ayala and Craigie Dodds, this song encapsulates the essence of a fleeting summer romance. The Latin pop elements combined with classic melodic lines evoke vivid imagery of the sea, the sky, and the bittersweet memories of transient love. The production quality shines through in this track, with lush arrangements and emotive performances that capture the listener's imagination.

“I wanted to go back to my roots on this album and return to where it all began for me as an artist, exploring sounds that spanned the jazz and soundtrack worlds,” says Taylor. “After the pandemic, I was ready to shift my perspective as a writer, focusing less on the personal and more on the observational, reflecting on fresh relationships and places. Two years and numerous trips to Latin America later, here is 'Colours Of Blue,' a reflective collection of songs inspired by artistic collaboration, exotic places, and new rhythms.”

Throughout Colours of Blue, Taylor explores a myriad of themes and emotions. From the euphoria of love to the depths of heartbreak, each track is crafted to resonate deeply with listeners. The album’s lyrical content draws on Taylor's personal experiences and universal themes, creating a relatable and poignant narrative.

In Colours of Blue, Riva Taylor has created a vibrant and emotionally resonant album that not only showcases her growth as an artist but also celebrates the beauty of musical and cultural diversity. Each track is a testament to her ability to convey complex emotions through her music, making this album a significant and memorable addition to her discography.

Stream "Colours of Blue" in full now:


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