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Rock Trio The Crooked 45 Release Head-Banging Single 'Why Are You Complaining?'

The Crooked 45 are back with a new rock anthem 'Why Are You Complaining?'. The relatable hard rock track delves deep into political themes of totalitarianism and societal ignorance. The raw energy of the track delivers the message 'why are you complaining?' when you're not doing anything to stand up for your rights and freedoms.

The band explain why they wanted to write a track on this theme:

“How people blindly vote for certain things and then complain when they don’t like the outcome. They aren’t all to blame though, culture of fear is writhe and politicians continue to outright lie delivering empty promise after empty promise without consequence and using some of the mainstream media as their mouthpiece."

"Big tech and global powers continue to play a role in politics plus society and anyone who does not follow the narrative is shut down or censored. The song talks about how people are too distracted or uninterested in general to fight for their freedoms, going along with the narrative and falling into what seems to be a new wave of totalitarianism.”

The guys also have a tour coming up in 2022... check out the dates below!

Watch the video for 'Why Are You Complaining?' here:

Find The Crooked 45 on all relevant social media platforms.


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