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Runa Mont Takes Music to New Heights with Debut EP 'The Eternal Portal

Saigon-based music producer and DJ, Runa Mont, has released her highly anticipated debut EP, 'The Eternal Portal', under the SYS Sister Sounds Label. The EP, consisting of four tracks, showcases Runa's exploration of IDM, Electronic, Ambient, and Experimental genres. With 'The Eternal Portal,' the artist effortlessly merges fantasy and reality, bridging the gap between virtual and contemporary worlds through her captivating compositions.

Speaking about her EP, Runa expressed, “In acknowledging the weight of family trauma through my music, I hope we can find solace in the fact that we are not alone in our journey of healing and growth. Together, we can support one another, foster resilience, and work towards finding peace amidst the pain”. She further described the EP's soundscape as a harmonious symphony of melodic tones, soft hums, and gentle whispers, painting an enchanting backdrop that resonates with the atmosphere.

Runa's music offers a glimpse into a utopian realm, exemplified by the single 'Parallel Resonance Experiment', which reflects her first lucid dream and infuses a high-tech world with science fiction allure. 'Next Evo' embodies the theme of progress and personal strength in the face of tragedy. 'The Eternal Portal' as a whole delves into the exploration of family trauma and the journey towards healing.

Through her artistry, Runa invites listeners on a captivating and immersive journey that transcends the boundaries of traditional genres and styles. Her ability to create dream-like soundscapes transports audiences to alternate realms of sensory exploration.


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