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Saint Mars’ ‘The Last Dream Ever Made’ Remixed By The Toxic Avenger

Released on the 26th of November, The Last Dream Ever Made by Saint Mars’ is the latest of remixes by renowned producer The Toxic Avenger. Released as a mini album, through Grá Mór Phonic Records, listeners and fans have been gifted with a double remix.

Buidling up a reputation over the past few years, The Toxic Avenger has had a successful career so far, working with the likes of Scrillex, Chromeo, OrealSan and Look Mum No Computer. After homing in and working on his craft to create his distinctive style, compared to the likes of Waveshaper, Kravinsky and The Midnight previously, taking on Saint Mars’ anthemic synth wave feels refreshing and authentic.

With an already strongly produced track, in The Last Dream Ever Made, that holds incredibly moving message through its lyrics, The Toxic Avenger has certainly had an exciting foundation to continue building his magic on.

You can find the remix on all streaming platforms under the title: The Toxic Avenger Remixes.

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