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Sandra's Wedding; a band from a town you've never heard of...

...with songs they sincerely hope you will enjoy.

Sandra's Wedding were formed in 2016 in Goole, East Yorkshire and released their debut album ‘Northern Powerhouse’ the following year. The band have drawn comparisons to a wide range of bands from The Beautiful South, The Smiths, The Go Betweens and The La's amongst others.

Their album ‘Frame Yourself’ is a very strong 12-track album from the band, and demonstrates their brilliant skills for songwriting, and ability to write music which can warm your soul, help you unwind and make you wanna dance all at the same time.

Over the several LP and EP releases since 2017 there have been explorations of different sounds which reflect the bands strong desire to not become pigeonholed as any one type of act. Their catalogue ranges from high octane power pop to soulful ballads with earworm laden jangle-pop and painfully-simple acoustic tunes wedged in between.

Lead guitarist Jonny Hughes describes the process behind writing the album:

"It took a while to get everything right as we wanted to add enough details musically to keep it interesting. There is a fair bit on there with saxophones, cellos and dulcimers in the mix. We wanted it to touch on a few different styles and influences, but it was vital to make it feel like a coherent album that'd be pretty listenable. There are the sort of classic '12 string Rickenbacker' sounds I'd gravitate towards, along with rockier elements and dreamier influences, but hopefully it all stitches together with the thread being Joe's lyrics and stories.”

‘Lip Service’ was released as a single from the album and was named BBC Radio York Introducing's 'Track of The Week' upon release. It has since been one of their Tracks of 2020 as well as other nationwide radio play. The single features the renowned percussionist Gary Hammond and explores the heady mix of insecure males, mega pixel cameras and an apparently captive audience. Watch the video for the single below:

We encourage people to support the band and download via Bandcamp HERE

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