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Sarah Burton Offers Up ’64 Magic Queens’

Right away when you hit play on Sarah Burton’s new album titled ’64

Magic Queens’, you know you’re in for something special and different.

Burton brings 100 % originality to the table on her latest release, and

she wouldn’t settle for anything less. ’64 Magic Queens’ incorporates

an array of elements and musical styles from garage, pop and indie rock

to a 60s throwback sound. Sarah Burton will invigorate your senses and

broaden your musical palate with her brand new record.

Sarah Burton is originally from Canada but now resides in Texas where

she fits right in with her BIG, bold sound! Burton recorded and wrote

the new studio album and ’64 Magic Queens’ also includes power

pop-rocker Danny Laj who recorded and produced the record.

Additionally, the album features Jeanette Dowling on bass and Dusty

Campbell on drums & percussion. Together, these musicians created a

sound like no other on ’64 Magic Queens’.

The album includes 12 tracks and each song different from the next. The

record kicks off with a song titled “I Hate Goodbyes” and immediately

one will hear catchy riffs that will appeal to many. You can also SKOPE

out the official music video for “I Hate Goodbyes” right here:

Learn “How To Run” next as this number will be running through your mind

and ears all day. On track three, “Ursa Minor”, Burton draws you in

vocally as she has a unique quality to her voice. You will be saying to

yourself “Give It All To Me” as the flow is nice and the vibe is just

right. The listener will be asking themselves “Baby Why Are You So

Angry” as Sarah Burton pours her heart out and delivers a powerful

performance. Burton is expressing her innermost feelings and

frustrations with the utmost sincerity on “Baby Why Are You So Angry”.

If “You Say You Want More”, then be prepared to be pleasantly surprised

with tender and delicate vocals and a soft touch musically. Track

seven, “I Thought We Were Having Fun”, has an unconventional song

structure that catches your attention right away and keeps your ears

glued to the speakers. “Love Is Not Enough” is next and I have to say

this song is performed wonderfully as one may find him or herself asking

“Does Love Have Your Back”? I say long live rock and roll as Sarah B

belts out “Why You Gotta Kill My Dreams”. The whole mood is fun ‘n’

lively on “Why You Gotta Kill My Dreams”, so I say play on Sarah and

don’t let anyone stand in your way! It’s time for “Another Mistake”

however there is no mistaking the fact that Sarah B is fully in charge

and on point here. Prepare to be “High By The Beach” as distinct notes

come crashing in your eardums. This song has a heavy impact on the

listener, so kick back, relax and soak it all in. Jump in because the

musical waters are fine as wine on “High By The Beach”. Sarah Burton

decides to go out on a high note on “Today Is Gonna Be The Day” where

she delivers a gripping performance. “Today Is Gonna Be The Day” that

Sarah B shines bright like a star in the sky.

Sarah Burton should be proud of ’64 Magic Queens’ because it offers

plenty of variety and a style all of its own. You can sense Burton’

passion for this project as it shows throughout the 12-song set. If

you’re looking for something outside the box, then look no further

because this album does not disappoint. The creative juices were

certainly flowing for Sarah Burton on ’64 Magic Queens’, so be sure to

check it out for yourself!


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