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Sean Waterman Set To Release New Album 'Devices'

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Sean first became interested in playing music during the 4th grade when a music lesson flyer found its way home in his book bag. He went on to learn guitar and to write many songs of his own. Influences he cites include Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, and Bob Marley. Sean's new album 'Devices' is set to be released this 18th June, and CFM have had an exclusive first-listen!

It was with his mother’s encouragement, that Sean initially decided to strap on the guitar. After only a few months there was no looking back; guitar playing had become a passion. At 14 his family moved to Atlanta, GA and he continued his desire to become more involved in the creative aspect of music, going on to pen songs of his own. Let's delve into the new album...

Opening track 'Rules' is a beautiful folk-tinged singer-songwriter track with beautiful instrumentation. There are traces of Ray Lamontagne in this, with its poetic lyrics and use of guitar and strings within the arrangement. This song showcases the songwriting prowess at play straight away, with its moment of climax in the chorus, and more mellow verses. 'Bodies' is a gorgeous song putting the lead vocal centre-stage. There are little quirky moments in the production in here; we're not quite sure whether they're acoustic or electronic but they sound a little other-worldly. There is a real sense of longing in this song, and once again there's a beautiful mesh of string instruments - guitar included - in the chorus. This track sounds like something of an indie movie, with its story-telling ability and atmospheric feeling.

'Devices' - which will have a music video also released on 18th June - has a little eeriness about it, with its playful, echoing vocal arrangement. It erupts into a garage-style dance beat - this is unexpected, yet it totally makes sense and is a very welcome surprise! 'Zero Hero' brings in a very subtle touch of a reggae-beat in the groove whilst the vocal feels a bit punk at times, as we hear in the track 'Don't Let Me Down' with its distorted lead vocal. We really enjoy the mesh of genres in this album! A personal favourite song of ours is 'Easy' which is, as the name itself suggests, easy-listening yet with just the right amount of drama. It reminds us of being on a train or in a car, staring out the window; day-dreaming. Pop your headphones in next time you're travelling and listen to this! 'Blue' follows on seamlessly as the penultimate track on the album, with its gentle, melancholic feel. Closing track 'Flatline' gets down to something more experimental again, with a sample of what sounds like a hospital life support machine, before erupting into something impressively rich and warm in texture.

For more info, visit Sean's website:

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