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Sebastian Azul Delivers Catchy, Summer Vibes With 'Girl I Like You'

'Girl I Like You' by talented artist Sebastian Azul is an absolute crowd-pleaser. This is a 2-step banger with a feel-good, groovy rhythm section and a killer bassline. The lead vocal 'Girl I Like You' is oh-so memorable. The rapped verses are brilliant too, and will have you lost in the music, through into the chorus again. This is just so catchy! And did we mention that the production is flawless?

Azul is Angolan by origin yet currently based in London, UK. He is a producer as well as a songwriter and vocalist, and dedicates his time to crafting his music. Hospitalised as a child with a birth defect, Azul has overcome many obstacles. It was in reading and writing that he found solace and hope. He says ''those were my boredom killers as well as relief'' Azul continues to find escape, therapy and creativity through art.

If you haven't yet heard of Sebastian Azul, now is the time! Listen loud, and feel the music travel from your head to your toes and back again. If you're down, Sebastian Azul will cheer you up guaranteed. A strong advocate of mental health (as you can read all about via his website), his sound is polished, authentic and purposeful in its mission to uplift and educate.

'Girl I Like You' is available to stream and download here:


Check out Sebastian Azul's website:


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