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seeyousoon return with new single 'Faster Please.

With their impressive 2020 debut album 'VIDÉ' still picking up praise everywhere, and the group about to make their live European debut at London's All Points East and Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands this summer, seeyousoon return once again with their vibrant new single 'Faster Please'.

Bringing back more of that playful and colourful approach to hip-hop they are known for, 'Faster Please' makes for an incredibly fun return. Channelling their inner Pharrell Williams throughout, these guys are set for enormous things in the months to come. Speaking about the new single, they said, “We wrote “Faster Please” in the middle of quarantine. We hadn’t been together to work on music for a few months so it felt like this song really jumped out of us. It speaks to how much we love the early 2000’s hip-hop that influenced all of us in one way or another.” Check out the new video for 'Faster Please' below.


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