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SEPSISS To Release 'You Already Know'

On April 30th, New England-based SEPSISS will release their latest single ‘You Already Know’. SEPSISS hopes to connect with fans in this adrenaline, action-packed tune by erasing outdated concepts, attitudes, and behaviours. Returning to a newer world as the band touches on topics of pressing issues such as race, political division, and gender...

‘You Already Know’ is a bold track that gives listeners a feeling of unity and togetherness. The band have grown a dedicated following (they call their fans “swarmies”), by taking the time to really engage with their fans online through karaokes, Facebook groups, podcasts, and streaming.

Expect music which is impactful from SEPSISS. Yet it's not preachy; it's entertaining and thought-provoking. The band address controversial topics yet through the lens of catchy shade of metal-tinged rock music. 'You Already Know' is out April 30th on all major platforms!

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