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Shannon Kohl Shines in "Withdrawals (One Night Stand)"

Canadian singer-songwriter Shannon Kohl is back with her latest single, "Withdrawals (One Night Stand)," a captivating addition to her repertoire that seamlessly blends her soothing vocals with a tropical pop fusion sound. Known for her ability to craft catchy, relatable music, Kohl dives deep into personal experiences to deliver a track that resonates with a universal message. 

Inspired by her own journey, "Withdrawals (One Night Stand)" serves as a cautionary tale about the self-sabotaging behaviour that can arise in toxic relationships. The song takes a reflective look at Kohl's past, highlighting a relationship where she was strung along, ultimately leading her to cut ties and rediscover her self-worth. Backed by vibrant tropical beats, the track not only elevates Kohl's silky vocal performance but also delivers an uplifting anthem that speaks to anyone who has navigated the complexities of love and self-discovery.

Currently collaborating with fellow musicians in the vibrant Costa Rican music scene, Kohl is diligently working on her debut EP, set to hit the airwaves in early 2024. With the release of "Withdrawals (One Night Stand)" and the promise of an upcoming EP, Shannon Kohl is poised to further expand her fanbase. Her honest and relatable pop style resonates with listeners far and wide, establishing her as an artist to watch in the evolving landscape of contemporary pop music.


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