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Silas Funk blends nostalgia and innovation in new alt-rock single 'Backwards'

Silas Funk emerges as a visionary musical talent set to revolutionize the alternative rock landscape with his latest creation, 'Backwards.' This electrifying track not only serves as a tantalizing teaser but as a captivating introduction to Funk's highly anticipated debut album, 'Sugarfixx,' poised to grace the airwaves in fall 2023.

In 'Backwards,' Funk unveils his avant-garde approach to music production, crafting a sonic experience that transcends conventional boundaries. Originating serendipitously within the intimate confines of his home studio, this standout track was born from an accidental keystroke, laying the foundation for its soulful intro and rhythmic heartbeat.

What sets 'Backwards' apart is its seamless fusion of nostalgia and innovation. Delving into his musical archives, Funk uncovers original 4-track cassette recordings, including a poignant phone message from an old girlfriend. This relic from the past weaves itself into the track's opening, infusing 'Backwards' with an authentic and heartfelt atmosphere.

Inspired by iconic artists like The Killers, The Cure, and Green Day, Silas Funk introduces a fresh and inventive perspective to the alternative rock scene. His commitment to pushing sonic boundaries promises listeners an unforgettable musical journey.

In 2022, Funk embarked on a solo expedition, pouring his heart and soul into his debut album. Drawing from the essence of Post-Punk, New Wave, and Alternative genres spanning the late 70s to early 90s, Funk aspires to encapsulate that era's creative vitality while pushing boundaries toward the future.

'Backwards' stands as a bold declaration of this forward trajectory, offering a glimpse into the musical brilliance awaiting within 'Sugarfixx.'

Stream 'Backwards' in full here:


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