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SIMMY immerses listeners with his unique alternative style in 'EASYSTAR'

Emerging artist SIMMY, renowned for his eclectic fusion of hip hop and alternative rock, makes a captivating return with his latest single 'EASYSTAR', signalling a compelling evolution in his musical journey. Having leapt from a potential football career in his Italian hometown, to moving to South London at 18, SIMMY’s introspective and colourful track pays homage to leaving his family back home, and life in his new city. 

'EASYSTAR' is a mesmerising exploration of SIMMY’s journey to a new home, gracefully delivered over a backdrop of Lo-fi instrumentation. Crafted in collaboration with George Ackerley at Bath House Studios, 'EASYSTAR' underscores SIMMY's versatility and growth as an artist. SIMMY uses his life experiences and channels the energy into his songwriting, and the result in this case is a slow burner of a track that blends nuances of so many genres, from indie-rock to the fascinating reggae instrumental towards the ending.

"’EASYSTAR’ is about some things I felt and thought about moving from Italy to London after I left school. I didn’t know the place or the language but no one had any preconception of who I was, and so I try to look back on both these feelings with positivity and find I’m glad to have felt scared and new. It was a feeling of nirvana in the end and EASYSTAR tries to turn some of that introspection into something sweet. “

With 'EASYSTAR', SIMMY continues to push conventional creative boundaries and capture so many different audiences with his distinctive sound. The single offers a tantalising glimpse into the forthcoming second EP, promising a rich tapestry of musical exploration and thought-provoking storytelling. Check it out now.

Stream "EASYSTAR" below:


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