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Simpatico’s Single ‘Time ft. Sfundo’ Is Luscious Listening

There are a few genres that are perfect for any situation. There are even fewer artists that are perfect for any situation too — and Simpatico might just be one. This up and coming artist and producer is bursting onto the scene with his unique brand of lo-fi electronica. This Los Angeles native describes his sound as ‘lo-fi electro chill’; I would describe it as a complete vibe. Having delved into his discography, it’s clear that Simpatico is no stranger to slick production. His seamless blend of sounds and dynamic drum lines lend themselves to easy listening, yet when you get into it, the intricacy of his production deserves attention.

‘Time’ is a prime example of Simpatico’s flawless execution. Treble-hungry keys sculpt the foundations of the soundscape, with the most sonically satisfying percussion line I’ve heard in a while cutting right through. The airy atmosphere that Simpatico creates lends itself perfectly to Sfundo’s sultry vocals. Sfundo’s soft tone is as captivating as they are comforting. Harmonies are perfectly stacked, adding to the ethereal air swimming throughout the track. Simpatico’s drum line sails through the sonic landscape with dynamic energy, cutting out and clicking in at the exact right moments. My absolute highlight of the track is the fusion of synths that Simpatico employs in this track. There’s an effortless intertwining of swooping synths, the tender keys and the booming bass. Simpatico has created a track that consumes you from the first chord. ‘Time ft. Sfundo’ is one of those tracks you can blast on any occasion.

Seems like Simpatico is exactly that kind of artist too.

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