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  • Andy Roberts

Singer-Songwriter Amy Steele Promises Saxophone-Infused Tracks on Upcoming Project

LONDON’s very own Amy Steele has disclosed that she’s a big fan of making music with the saxophone, asking eager fans to expect some songs made with the horned melodies on her forthcoming project. 

“The saxophone was the first instrument I fell in love with. I still love the sax! It has to really work in a song, else it could be a miss. Even in my Human Nature playlist, I really love the song “Blessed” by Wizkid and Damian Marley, because that’s a great example of when it really works,” she said, during a press chat. 

The 29-year-old singer and medical doctor also revealed that she was heavily influenced by the likes of “all the female singers from Whitney to Mariah Carey to Celine Dion to TLC,” when she was younger, essentially enabling a femme-dominated soundtrack to her childhood. She also shared her come-up journey, reminiscing on how her family has always been supportive towards her musical aspirations. 

“It was a gradual start. I’ve always just known I loved music, I’ve written songs since I was a child, and sang in school plays. Then I went to the studio and recorded things. My sister then set up a facebook page for it and put the music out, and from there I was just de facto doing music whilst at medical school, and she was my manager whilst at law school. It wasn’t a choice to get started, it was just something we did and grew and realised while we were doing it, that we wanted to pursue it further,” she said. 

From her debut EP, Memories In Watercolour, to her last project, Smoke Castles, Amy Steele’s music, has continued to garner positive acclaim within the English and American media circles, including BBC Radio, Kiss FM, Rinse, and prominent media outlets including Clash, Hunger, Wonderland Magazine, Echoes Magazine, The Voice Newspaper, All Hip Hop, Singersroom, Link Up TV, This Is RnB, and UKF.

With all eyes anticipating her comeback record, the 29-year-old singer continues to glide across the scene with her distinctive eclectic fusions, as well as her charm and authenticity. 

Instagram: @amysteelemusic 


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