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Singer-songwriter Lālo Parade shares optimistic message on latest single ‘Let You Go’

Lālo Parade recently shared his new single ‘Let You Go’. The bittersweet offering explores the state that heartbreak leaves us in, but ultimately offers a glimpse of hope. An indie-pop track with thoughtful lyrics and a bright and breezy soundscape, ‘Let You Go’ combines the very best of Lālo’s unique sound.

“After a dear friend went through a painful breakup from a long-term relationship, it struck me how this kind of life event can be almost as traumatic as death. Suddenly, someone who was once an integral part of your life is gone, and you're left to mourn. Witnessing my friend's struggle and heartbreak was a powerful experience that inspired me to write about it.” - Lālo Parade on what inspired him to write ‘Let You Go’

Listen to ‘Let You Go’ below:


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