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Singer-songwriter Linn Willner Unveils Piano Ballad 'Morro Bay'

Swedish singer-songwriter Linn Willner has just dropped her new single ‘Morro Bay’. The track features a wistful vocal line and glistening piano to convey the deep meanings of this personal track for Linn. "I’ve always been a dreamer trying to fit in. As early as I can remember, I've always seen myself go down a different path than what was expected of me. During my entire life I was perceived as naive and had too big dreams for my own good." Linn shares. "I tried to be the perfect girl for everyone except for myself and it led me down a dark road. I was at a crossroad, where I could envision two different lives for myself, one where I was the perfect girl from the outside, but inside the little dreamer was imprisoned by doubts." "Or take the road toward my own happiness, but by doing that feeling like a disappointment to everyone around me. For me Morro Bay symbolizes taking ownership of the only life that you will ever have."

Listen to 'Morro Bay'

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