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SirSchub shares ethereal new EP ‘Someone Else’s Stories’

SirSchub (he/they), the folk-pop artist, has crafted a mesmerizing musical journey with their latest offering, 'Someone Else's Stories'. This delightful 5-track EP showcases SirSchub's unique sound characterized by lush and melodious harmonies, complemented by poignant lyricism and captivating storytelling. Centered around themes of self-discovery, relationships, and the world at large, the EP takes a fresh approach by presenting love songs from the perspective of others, creating a truly immersive experience.

'Someone Else's Stories' transcends traditional genre boundaries, offering a genre-fluid listening experience. From the vibrant and upbeat opener, 'Spell It Out', exuding a sunny disposition that instantly lifts spirits, to the introspective and contemplative 'All I See', SirSchub's artistic versatility shines through. Each track presents a distinct flavor, showcasing the artist's ability to captivate audiences across various musical styles.

Drawing musical parallels, SirSchub's tantalizing sonics can be likened to the likes of Dodie, Tessa Violet, and Orla Gartland. However, SirSchub's unique voice and narrative approach set them apart, creating a signature style that is truly their own. Furthermore, as a transgender nonbinary artist, SirSchub embraces their identity and aims to be a beacon of joy and representation for the trans and queer community through their music.

In 'Someone Else's Stories', SirSchub invites us into a world of heartfelt melodies, evocative storytelling, and a celebration of love from diverse perspectives. It's an EP that leaves a lasting impression and solidifies SirSchub's place as an artist to watch in the folk-pop scene. So sit back, immerse yourself in the enchanting soundscape, and let SirSchub's music transport you to a realm of emotions.

Listen to the EP below:


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