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SLIX drop infectious indie-rock single 'With You'

SLIX may just seem like another of a longline of UK up and coming bands trying to make it, but already their music has stood out from the crowd. A BBC Radio 1 Jack Saunders favourite, the four-piece combine nostalgic guitar riffs with modernised production and insanely catchy lyrics and melodies, hitting all genres between indie and rock.

"Our latest single demonstrates a delicate & more mature side to our sound ... heartfelt lyricism whilst capturing the essence of SLIX’s writing style & our favoured punchy choruses" .

Their anthemic brand of music has continued straight into 2023, with the intoxicating indie-rock dazzler 'With You'. A more experimental approach in this offering, the band hone in on the layering of instruments and synths, coupled with their signature guitar-driven melodics that are favourites at their live shows. Heartfelt and empowering lyrics which capture the attention instantaneously alongside their gritty guitars and complex instrumentation makes for a very potent combination. Check it out now.

Stream 'With You' here:


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