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Slow Burning Car On Fire with ‘Vicarious Disclosures’

Slow Burning Car is breathing invigorating life into the rock music

scene with their latest release titled ‘Vicarious Disclosures’. Slow

Burning Car is a LA-based band with five members, and they are: Troy

Spiropoulos on bass & lead/backing vocals, Tommy Marcel on rhythm/lead

guitar, Aaron Kusterer on lead/rhythm guitars, Zak St. John on drums and

Kim Clayborne on backing/lead vocals. Troy Spiropoulos and Aaron

Kusterer were also responsible for producing this new album. Together,

these musicians have put together 10 blazing, hot tracks that will

ignite the rock world.

‘Vicarious Disclosures’ incorporates many elements from early garage

rock, post punk and alternative to heavy metal, hard rock and 90s

grunge. This is Slow Burning Car’s sixth release and I have to say

‘Vicarious Disclosures’ delivers on ALL levels! Excitement is certainly

in the air with this new record, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

The album kicks off with a song that will stir up many emotions and

thrill the senses and this song is called “Shapeless Faceless”. The

listener is receiving hard-hitting and driving rhythms on “Shapeless

Faceless” and this remains steady from start to finish. “Crime

Minister” is up next, and I simply love the merging of styles on this

one. With creative wordplay on “Crime Minister”, this song has major

appeal and does not disappoint the masses. Track three, “A Winter’s

Purge”, portrays Slow Burning Car with galloping guitars and heavy armor

as these musical gladiators are ready for battle! Now, look up in the

sky…it’s a bird…it’s a plane…no it’s “Cyanide Planes”! This track will

catch your attention right away with a chorus line of “I spy Cyanide

Planes in the sky spraying chemical trails”.

With other potent lyrics like “mass confusion”, “Cyanide Planes” will

certainly get your mind & ears racing. Continue to rock along at a very

fast pace on “Hard Time Walking” and then brace yourself for poetry in

f’in motion on “B.F.U.”. On track seven, “(One For) Subtlety”, punk

rock and hard rock collide to create an atmosphere that is full of

energy & attitude. Get ready for a fully-loaded delivery on

“Millionaire”, where Slow Burning Car includes a raw, garage band feel

with some cool effects added in for good measure. On track nine,

“Wasted Years”, the LA band is reelin’ it back some with more of an

emotional tone and wonderful performance overall. Slow Burning Car ends

on a high note with a smart ‘n’ insightful tune titled “Rudderless

Ship”. The listener is reminded that “you’ll sail today” on “Rudderless

Ship”, so stay on course and allow the wind to guide you. “Rudderless

Ship” is a fine song and nice change of pace as this number will get you

thinking about life.

I am overly impressed with Slow Burning Car and their efforts on this

project. ‘Vicarious Disclosures’ is everything you could want out of a

rock record and then some! Slow Burning Car is sure to gain more fans

and followers after checking out ‘Vicarious Disclosures’. I am

extremely eager to hear more from this band as the musical journey

continues for Slow Burning Car.


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