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Dive into the Musical Universe of Ava Delaney with "Everything"

Photo Credit: Dorian Drislane

Ava Delaney is not your ordinary musician. From gracing the stage at the tender age of four in a local production of The Sound of Music to embarking on a journey of self-discovery through her music, Ava's musical prowess knows no bounds. With her latest offering, "Everything", Ava invites listeners on an immersive journey through a realm of captivating melodies and heartfelt storytelling.

Ava's musical journey began long before she even realized it. Raised on the soulful sounds of Joni Mitchell and Norah Jones, Ava's musical roots run deep. It's no wonder that she found herself drawn to the stage, with her early performances hinting at the musical genius that would soon emerge.

Now, after earning her degree from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Ava has set her sights on New York City, where she continues to pursue her passion for music and musical theatre. But it's her latest project, "Everything", that truly showcases Ava's talent and creativity.

Recorded in 2022 with producer Brian Kennedy (known for his work with Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, and The Weeknd), the 11-track record represents Ava's talent as a musician and storyteller. It's a journey of emotional, artistic, and spiritual discovery. With each song, Ava delves deeper into the depths of her soul, exploring themes of love, loss, and the human experience. It's an empowering collection of songs that will leave listeners feeling inspired and uplifted.

In Ava's own words, "'Everything' was a journey of fully investigating and giving a voice to all the swimming, yearning, curious parts within me. It's titled 'everything' because the deeper I go, the more infinite words there are to discover within. This album is a quest to find an oar, a spiritual center, an anchor, within the wild whirling tides of the sea of life."


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