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Son of Cabe Release Atmospheric Anthem 'Whistler'

Son of Cabe are back with another sensational single this season set to lift our spirits and bring the vibes. ‘Whistler’ is the vibrant new track bursting onto the scene and taking over our winter playlists. Son of Cabe is the musical project of Conor McCabe and Jack Holland and together they’re storming the scene with their unique blend of indie, electro and pop. Having already accumulated an immense three hundred and fifty thousand streams on their Spotify alone, it’s evident that Son of Cabe are gearing up for an entirely exciting 2021.

Their latest single ‘Whistler’ is a captivating electro-pop banger infiltrating our airwaves this winter. With a narrative rooted in the escapism we’ve all divulged in this year, ‘Whistler’ is the anthem ready to transport us out of our lockdown bedroom and into our fantasies. Conor, the vibrant vocalist gracing this track with a voice smooth as ice, says of the track,

“I was sick of constantly reading depressing stuff on the news and the negative people I was surrounded by. It just felt toxic, and not the kind of environment I wanted to be a part of. Whistler’s me desperately fantasising about the idea of running away with someone to a better place, a better quality of life.”

Whatever sparked the inspiration for this atmospheric anthem we couldn’t be more grateful. ‘Whistler’ is rich with sweeping, spacious synth lines, haunting harmonies and driving drum breaks from bandmate Jack Holland. It was Jack’s drum mastery that elevated Son of Cabe’s sound when the duo met at University. Going from strength to strength, Son of Cabe has featured on BBC Introducing South and performed at The Great Escape Festival. With their latest, utterly infectious anthem exploding onto the scene right now, who knows what this dynamic duo will achieve going forward.


Listen to Son Of Cabe on SPOTIFY NOW


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