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Soran Releases New Single ‘Tired’

Montreal-based and upcoming star in Universal Music Canada’s pipeline, Soran, releases his final single of 2021. Being a strong RnB, alternative pop bop, this track defines him as an artist who has the potential to be a recurrent name in the next year, of 2022.

The track begins with a soft, acoustic guitar introduction, over a lo-fi production, which then emerges into a richer verse, that fully displays Soran’s distinctive voice as he sings ‘I wish I could’ve loved you better.’ Lyrics filled with integrity, the words translate straight from the heart, particularly during the choruses, while the verses, Soran explains, are written from the head. The flitting between the two purely portrays the turmoil that one can suffer with when it comes to experiencing something like a heartbreak or losing someone that you loved.

After experiencing the loss of his mother, himself, Soran is determined to make an impact in the Canadian scene, and then hopefully the rest of the world. With success pending in an anticipated 11-date tour, due to go ahead in February and March next year, Soran is sure to build up excitement with his current fans with this track, along with his previous release, ‘Space Boy’.

Stream ‘Tired’ from the 26th of November 2021 on all relevant streaming platforms.


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