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Soul Kaktus Releases Heartfelt New Single ‘The Sun in My Sky’

Singer-songwriter and producer Chen Asraf, the creative force behind Soul Kaktus, is gearing up to release his latest single, "The Sun in My Sky," from his upcoming self-titled EP.

"The Sun in My Sky" stands out as a poignant tribute to love and resilience. Written during a challenging period when Asraf's girlfriend moved to the UK while he remained in Tel Aviv, the song encapsulates the struggles and strength required to maintain a long-distance relationship. The track was produced by Asraf and recorded with his live band members, showcasing their collaborative synergy and musical chemistry. 

In discussing the track, Soul Kaktus states, "'The Sun in My Sky' is about reminding the person I love that she is the light of my life. Any self-doubts or crises between us are nothing as long as she remembers who she is and how strong our love is." This sentiment is beautifully woven into the song's lyrics and melody, creating a touching reminder of the power of love and perseverance.


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