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Soulful songstress Shaynah unveils mellow R&B single ‘Fair Play’

Shaynah was born into a world of melodies and harmonies, her parents, both accomplished musicians, served as her guiding lights and ignited her passion for music. Besides crafting her own compositions, she delved into the realm of music production for fellow artists, weaving enchanting melodies for theatrical performances and musicals, while also taking on acting roles in various plays, proving herself as a pure creative at heart.

Anticipation is building up as the highly anticipated third EP, titled 'NAKED,' draws near its release. This EP serves as the concluding part of the artist's complete album, 'Chapter 22,' slated to debut later this year. Prepare to be captivated on June 2nd by the EP's first single, 'Fair Play,' featuring the talented Grammy-winning singer/songwriter, Jackie's Boy.

Expressing her thoughts on the track, Shaynah shared, "I've come to realise that when I truly like someone, it becomes challenging for me to express interest or flirt. It seems that when I don't invest much emotionally or know it won't progress further, it's easier for me to initiate contact and silently hope for a positive connection. However, when I genuinely care about someone, I become consumed by overthinking every word, action, appearance, and how I'm perceived. This realisation prompted me to question the dynamics. Shouldn't it be the opposite? 'Fair Play' reflects my experiences with making initial contact with someone I'm deeply drawn to. It's a playful exploration of whether we'll wait for the other to make a move, break the ice, or engage in a game of emotional chess to present ourselves in a better light."

Listen to ‘Fair Play’ below:


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