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Stacy Gabel Presents 'Straight to Voicemail EP'

Stacy Gabel is a folk singer -- if in style if not entirely in political spirit. Her Straight To Voicemail EP is a brief collection of observational songs. With that said, though, the project closes with one

titled “Stir Crazy,” which, while not expressly political, it features a lyric that does cry out for more human kindness.

“Stir Crazy” is also one of the release’s folk-iest tracks. It’s sung over a propulsive acoustic guitar groove, and acoustic guitar is a folk music instrumental staple. Although Gabel doesn’t come right out and say

it, this is her obvious commentary on the Covid virus pandemic. “The world is hunkered down,” she says at one point, referring to the lockdowns. She also sings, “The sun will shine again,” expressing hope

that these medical hard times will eventually come to an end. The album’s title has a kind of double meaning. Yes, ‘stir crazy’ is one way of describing cabin fever; that feeling like you’re stuck inside for far

too long. We all just couldn’t wait to get out of our houses, for heaven’s sake! However, the ‘crazy’ part of the title might be a little bit of commentary on how this situation made us think and behave at

times. “We followed the rules, but still got infected,” she sings. Obeying the rules, staying safe and healthy, but still coming down with the virus, can certainly make some people go a little mad. While this is song is filled with social commentary, it’s not so much political because Gabel doesn’t really take a clear political stance. At the end she sings, “Let’s love each other/Let’s just be kind.” The Beatles sang

how all we need is love, and in her own contemporary manner, Gabel is basically saying the same thing.

VIDEO (for track 1 "Straight to Voicemail"):

In contrast to the seriousness of “Stir Crazy,” one titled “High Heeled Shoes” is significantly lighter. It’s about how putting on high heeled shoes is a way to dress up and have some fun. Yes, she describes herself as a relatively simple person, she nevertheless feels the strong desire to get out and experience the nightlife. Perhaps, this is a fun way to deal with the freedom granted once the pandemic has subsided. It’s an upbeat track, which Gabel sings with true spunk. She speaks some of the

words and even laughs during this track. Girls just want to have fun, after all, and Gabel is heard getting ready for fun during this song.

Another relatively less serious song is called “Straight To Voicemail.” It’s Gabel’s response to a guy that just doesn’t know how to win her heart. She’s warning him that, if he doesn’t straighten up and fly

right, his call to her is going straight to voicemail.

Gabel has a pretty, pure singing voice. Her singing is clear and it’s easy to understand her lyrics. Her words are pleasant and clean throughout, almost like those of a church singer. Not that these are

songs to be sung in church, but she wouldn’t offend anyone in the sanctuary if she performed these for a congregation.


If you ever heard this singing voice coming over your phone, you most certainly wouldn’t let it go straight to voicemail. Instead, you’d pick it up right away.


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