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Stacy Gabel Releases New Single "At The Zoo-oo-oo"

Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania’s Stacy Gabel is impossible to pigeonhole.

She’s more than just a recording artist and decorated singer/songwriter.

She’s an alum of New York City’s American Musical and Dramatic Academy

with a Television Production degree, a member of SAG/AFTRA, and a former

TV promo producer/writer for Nickelodeon/MTV Networks. She has a short

but impressive list of acting credits on mainstream productions such as

General Hospital and Charmed, among others.

It's music, however, that has the tightest grip on her imagination and

heart. Her new single “At the Zoo-oo-oo” beams with good natured

creativity. It’s intended for kids, without question, but Gabel’s skills

are such that listening to the track isn’t an arduous endurance test for

an adult’s patience. It’s built around light percussion, Gabel’s

acoustic guitar, and vocals. One may quibble a little with its

four-minute running time, some members of her target audience may not

want to stay with the song that long, but there’s no questioning the

overall quality of the song and her performance.

She takes a cataloging approach to the lyrics. Gabel reels through an

assortment of animals that a child can expect to meet at the typical zoo

and you can’t deny its playful educational value. She has an obvious

gift for making the learning experience enjoyable for children without

ever talking over their heads and writes about the aforementioned

animals in an engaging fashion. Crouching the lyrics around a sprightly

melody further enhances her delivery.

The song’s shuffle-like rhythm connects physically. Despite the running

time mentioned earlier in the review, Gabel’s song never feels like it’s

four minutes long. Listeners breeze through her litany of animals and

the song’s recurring refrain helps carry us over seamlessly into the

next verse. There isn’t a lot of musical variation here, there doesn’t

need to be, and the song is a solid listening experience from its

opening through the end. Her vocals are youthful, smiling, and beckons

children and parents alike to sing along.

Her animated video for the track is a model of the form. The friendly

colors and inviting representations of the animals makes what is

certainly an alien experience for children, viewing such animals for the

first time, a comfortable and enriching event. The animation is

exceptional. The human elements of the video are presented in a fun,

slightly exaggerated fashion virtually any child is already familiar



It's an innocuous and light-hearted song for adults. It will harken more

than a few listeners/viewers back to their own childhood and the

nostalgia is welcome. Stacy Gabel’s “At the Zoo-oo-oo” doesn’t pretend

to be anything it isn’t, yet it’s deceptively ambitious. She aims to

encompass a pivotal point in a child’s life, their first fledgling face

to face with the natural world, and her songwriting and performing gifts

make it a lively and enjoyable romp. It’s a performance well worth your

time and it’s hard to imagine any young child who wouldn’t enjoy this



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