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Stefan West shares ode to love and growth in new single

All the way from the picturesque landscape of Geelong, Australia, where the sun caresses the shores with a gentle warmth, indie artist Stefan West just returned with a new track. 'Happily Ever After' is the second single from his highly anticipated debut album, 'Cambridge'.

This new song dives into the profound experience of envisioning a shared future, of growing old together. West's lyrical finesse captures a pivotal moment in his life, where he realized that eternal youth isn't about evading responsibility but embracing continuous learning, growth, and curiosity. 'Happily Ever After' becomes a musical encapsulation of the essence of remaining passionate while traversing the world with a loved one.

Stefan West shares insights into the creative genesis of 'Happily Ever After,' describing it as "a beautiful mesh of a really intense moment I had never experienced before, accompanied by a train of thought that felt incredibly freeing, painted into a new world in my mind." For the artist, all his songs are a varying version of this intense experience, but 'Happily Ever After' holds a particularly special place. It marked the initiation of his upcoming album, 'Cambridge', a project born during the turbulent times of the global pandemic.


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