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Step Into The Universe of KunD!

KunD! blends an R&B sound, rich with liquid-smooth riffs, lush layered harmonies and passionate vocal inflections, with his alternative, experimental production style. We delve a little deeper into the artistry of KunD! by listening to his stunning track 'Nightbounce'...

'Nightbounce' is taken from his latest release, the EP 'O Solemn Nights: The Pvrple Tapes'. 'Nightbounce' is the second of six tracks. It features a dirty bassline and 808 groove and a use of 80s-esque synths. It's a technicolour portrait of night life, rich with electronic textures and the lulling vocals of the artist. Stay tuned for third track on the EP, 'Nightbounce, Pt. II' which is a kooky and bold extension of the original.

Having been influenced by a myriad of artists such as Michael Jackson, Frank Ocean, and Earl Sweatshirt to name a few, KunD! combines an expressive, structure-less style of lyricism, with raw melodic vocals, to create a unique sonic atmosphere for his listeners. KunD! is based in his home state of Georgia, USA.

We adore KunD!'s sound - it's fun and confident, with quirky production elements and an unexpected vocal performance. We will be playing this one on repeat. Go check it out.

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