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Sydney Hansen Releases New Single "For Better"

Sydney Hansen’s musical career has jetted off to a rocketing start and

shows no signs of slowing down. The Duluth, Minnesota native excels

delivering gritty Southern rock as if she hails from the region rather

than chilly North. Her 2021 debut Fallin’ established her credentials as

a major player in the genre with boundless potential and her new single

“For Better” burnishes her renown with the same high artistic standards.

She’s a lifelong born performer and music devotee who has an innate

knack for inhabiting the material she’s chosen. “For Better” showcases

her interpretive skills in a stylish yet utterly authentic way.


The measured mid-tempo pace set by the band favors her vocal talents.

Swinging drums lay down a steady persistent groove while raw, kinetic

electric guitar fires scattered salvos over the course of the song.

Peppering the arrangement with stinging slide guitar is another astute

move as it serves as a de-facto second “voice” duetting well with

Hansen’s vocals. The rhythm section is, however, the song’s core

strength and provides undeniable physicality that persists for the

entire song.

Hansen’s voice is an elastic instrument, capable of coloring the cut

with a light touch, but equally skilled when it’s time to dig deeper.

It’s a voice with mass appeal. Hardened veteran Southern rock fans will

appreciate her talents as well as young modern listeners drawn to her

youthful energy and resonant experiences. They’ve been where she’s been

and will appreciate her ability to depict bittersweet heartbreak with

every bit of the reality they’ve lived through.


It's a condensed, focused track as well. Hansen eschews any signs of

self-indulgence. We do get tasty snippets of lead guitar, particularly

during the song’s second half, and the sharp slide playing splashes the

song with a variety of shades, but it serves the composition rather than

sounding ornamental. She’s wise to never overstay her welcome and has a

tight grip on the vagaries of effective songcraft.

The production highlights her singing, but she never overshadows the

accompaniment. We’re treated, instead, to a balanced and fully-realized

presentation that burns with life yet never overwhelms listeners. Hansen

and her cohorts fine tune each element of the song to achieve the

desired effects. Longtime and casual music fans alike will relish the

sound, individual performances, lyrics, and Hansen’s singing without


It's the next logical step for Hansen as she builds her reputation. “For

Better” boasts conversational lyrics that trod familiar territory for

popular music, but it shines brighter thanks to an identifiable touch

that separates her song from the pack. She isn’t obviously imitating


Instead, Sydney Hansen is forging her own path through the jungle of

modern music with confidence, relatability, and unquestionable

authenticity. Her trajectory continues ever upward, and it behooves

anyone interested in flesh and blood music to follow her from here. It’s

got so much soul that it’s an easy task. You won’t listen to “For

Better” once and cast it aside. It’s well worth hearing it time after

time and relishing its fire and flair.



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