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T.E. Yates Set To Release Captivating New EP: 'Strange Weather'

T.E. Yates is an artist and songwriter who is soon to release his brand new EP: 'Strange Weather'. This EP is a perfect example of what you can expect from an artist who is always on the lookout for ways to foster creativity and set the bar higher with some exciting new ideas.

Yates’s work should not go unnoticed if you enjoy artists like Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith, and The Lumineers, among others. Strange Weather happens to be a perfect representation of T.E. Yates’s commitment to creating music that is super fun and easy to relate to for people from all walks of life. Moreover, the sheer quality of the sound design is absolutely spot-on, revealing the many nuances that make this release so diverse and appealing to listen to. Not only is the songwriting really special, but the sounds to go with the music perfectly match the vibe of this EP as well.

Don't miss out on T. E Yates' unforgettable video for his track' Condition' too:

Find out more about T.E. Yates and listen to Strange Weather, out on 12th November to stream and download on all major digital platforms!

For now, show some love for T.E. Yates: Instagram | Youtube | Facebook | Spotify


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