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T R U V O N N E Releases Stunning R&B Single 'HER'

T R U V O N N E has shared a beautiful animated music video for her latest single 'HER'. Journey through an atmospheric flipbook of watercolours as you watch, the tone perfectly set by T R U V O N N E's haunting and rich vocals.

“What I love about music is how open the interpretation is for what it can mean for someone, for whatever they are going through. I like to keep that open and see what way people resonate with it. Especially because there are so many different experiences you can tap into when there is no specific meaning.” - T R U V O N N E

'HER' is a track that will resonate with all who listen and yet again cements T R U V O N N E as an artist who is truly special and unique. Watch the music video below:


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