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TeleChild Share Gentle Rock Track 'Too Much Trouble'

Dubai-based duo TeleChild have recently shared their new single 'Too Much Trouble'. The track is an interesting blend of different rock styles, from grunge to classic and blues and shows off their authentic and unique sound. Their perceptive lyrics share an important message of how society sometimes loses sight of what's most important in this modern age.

“‘Too Much Trouble’ takes a look at how we’ve become socially and pokes fun at it. It’s a reminder to take a break from being plugged in, and a plea not to share every mundane thing happening to us. It explores the wicked side of human nature, and how it won’t be “too much trouble” for us to become self-absorbed and apathetic to our surroundings. The track isn’t all that cynical though… you’ve got to stay tuned to its second part to catch that glimmer of hope and feel holy about it.

The duo is made up of Hadi Baba and Charles Anouzi, who are excited to be sharing a string of singles this year as well as a full length album. We're excited to see this duo to go from strength to strength with each release.

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Watch the official video for Too Much Trouble on YOUTUBE HERE


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