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The Banquets Release Energetic New Single 'What Ya Sayin?'

Leeds rock-pop trio The Banquets have released their latest single 'What Ya Sayin?' a fun and memorable track with tons of energy and a feel-good vibe.

Lead singer Gemma Dee has a very powerful Stevie Nicks-esque voice that grabs you instantly. The lyrics 'What ya sayin? Who's your lover?... Who do ya think you are?' coupled with the interspersed 'ha' sound, certainly have the chant-factor too. This is a song with great songwriting at its heart - melodic guitar and an uptempo rhythm section create a really big sound, despite these guys being largely acoustic. The Banquet's unique blend of rock, pop and blues is damn infectious, and this single will have you dreaming of muddy festival fields.

The music video is topsy-turvy-kooky-debauchery:

Stream/download 'What Ya Sayin?' HERE

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