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The Forward Fox's uplifting and compelling new track 'There is hope' is a masterpiece.

With only his second ever release The Forward Fox brings us 'There Is Hope'.

With opening lyrics "they cut you with their words, and their judgemental glances" the scene is set from the off. You can feel the pain and angst in Fox's voice, clearly a person who has felt this pain before and is wanting to share the story. We swiftly move to a more uplifting tone and the main hook of 'There Is Hope', a very smart way of embodying his message in his songwriting - the dark times won't last. This is further uttered throughout the track in smooth transitions between texture, adding depth to the music's meaning.

The Forward Fox uses primarily his acoustic guitar and his voice with a sprinkling of percussion to help build a powerful track. As a seasoned backing vocalist Fox is confident in how to use his voice to the best of his ability and in a way which suits the ethos of the track. Those years spent behind someone else is showing in this track as he is bursting through, wanting the stage to push his own message and sound.

Around the 3 minute mark we have the biggest build of the track, made by building percussion we get a sense of believing in the message Fox is making. A precise message of believing in yourself and championing the underdog this piece clearly means a lot to Fox. The track is rounded off nicey by a repeated section of the main lyric 'There Is Hope' leaving us with a lasting impression of belief.

With a message that's clear and precise The Forward Fox has done his family proud and I hope he continues to spread his message through all his music, I can't wait to hear more!


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