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The Horn Release Second Single of 2022 With Dreamy 'Always Late'

Since the debut single of Nick True’s (former Friends of Gavin bassist) new band The Horn, I’ve been eagerly awaiting their next release, which has recently come in the form of another new single called ‘Always Late’.

Starting with dreary guitar and a slow, sleepy drumbeat, Jonny Taylor comes in with similarly hypnotising vocals. The down-to-earth acoustic guitar sound makes it feel like you’re sat around the campfire with this new indie rock 5-piece, as they play a mellow tune about, well… always being late!

Just before and during the chorus, we hear some twangy, subtly psychedelic guitar weaving between the chords and lyrics. This track is extremely unique in that it doesn’t drastically change during the chorus - or go up and down like some songs do – it stays on one level, but it never gets boring. It feels like floating down a slow stream on a Spring morning.

‘Always Late’ was the perfect follow-up release for The Horn, as it differs quite significantly from their debut ‘Passion’, showcasing their versatility and making sure nobody will have them down as just any old typical indie rock band. These guys have got range.

Get lost in this dreamland of indie goodness here:


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