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The Horn's "Another Way": A Britpop-Infused Anthem of Liberation

London indie-rockers, The Horn, have returned with their latest single, "Another Way", an anti-authority anthem that encapsulates their unique brand of Britpop-infused indie-rock. The track showcases The Horn's energy, ambition, and unfiltered attitude. With their previous successes and a dedicated fanbase, this five-piece band continues to defy conventions and push musical boundaries.

"Another Way" opens with a simple yet infectious drum pattern that sets the stage for a danceable experience. The track's foundation is built upon a tight double-tracked falsetto, gradually evolving into a full-blown vocal performance. The persistent guitar riffs and 90s-esque percussion elements further add to the song's dynamic appeal. The production, including the final mix by Danton Supple (known for his work on Coldplay's 'A Rush of Blood to the Head'), elevates the overall quality of the track.

The Horn's music embodies the essence of Britpop-infused indie-rock, with a distinctive fusion of energy and angst. Their sound captures the spirit of rebellion and a rejection of societal constraints. "Another Way" seamlessly weaves hedonistic tales of London life with cautionary messages about growing up and breaking free from the limitations imposed by rules, self-doubt, and authority figures. The band's ability to transcend generational gaps is evident, particularly through the intergenerational exchange between members Nick and Jonny. This powerful connection showcases that age is merely a number, reaffirming the timeless nature of human experience.

The Horn's lineup consists of bassist and songwriter Nick True, multi-instrumentalist Danny Monk, singer and guitarist Jonny Taylor, keyboardist Ed Cox, and drummer Alex Moorse. Their collective talents shine throughout "Another Way", displaying their tight-knit musical cohesion and shared passion for music.


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