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The Jode Gannon Band Release 'Love Don't Bring Me Down'

Hailing from from Sydney, Australia, and currently based in London, this 2-piece rock band have released their tender new single 'Love Don't Bring Me Down'. The Jode Gannon Band brings a fresh mix that'll have you reminiscing, moshing and anthem singing. Join us as we take a listen to the track...

Formed by the man Jode himself in 2017, bringing a unique and powerful voice with drummer Dan strolling in a bit further down the line. 'Love Don't Bring Me Down' is an absolutely beautiful song that is sure to tug at your heart strings.

This brand-new track reflects the band's true genius in songwriting, taking the character of a mellow ballad that simultaneously embodies a sense of hope and optimism in the lyrics. The song is soothing and so well-crafted and put together that it really does stand alongside the likes of Fleetwood Mac, James Morrison and Ray LaMontagne (in fact, Jode's gravly vocal is reminiscent of these last two). 'Love Don't Bring Me Down' really stands out as a deft blend of both the familiar and fresh, just enough of the intimate vibes that you expect from an indie-folk group mixed with more cinematic and lush production aesthetics that come through, especially in the form of those big and beautiful piano chords and percussion that make the song so tenderly dramatic.

If this is any indication of what to expect, The Jode Gannon Band is going to be doing great things for a long time, and this track truly feels like just the beginning of a thriving musical future for a band who is deeply connected to their music and creative vision as a whole. It doesn’t get any better than real passion and talent...

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