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The Lost Gecko Deliver Ethereal New Single & Video 'I Can Hear Echoes'

A band with heartfelt emotion in all that they create; The Lost Gecko are an Irish trio who know how to craft memories through music. We say that because their songs are impossible to forget once you've heard them.

This second single release from upcoming EP 'Scatterbox' follows on from haunting track 'Brothers'.

Songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Malcolm reflects...

“I wrote the song after reading a piece about an American biologist who was working with Wolves. I've always had a fascination with Wolves and the Antarctic. Don't know why. So, this woman developed cancer in her brain and became really ill. She then recovers and attributes her recovery to the spirit of the wolves and her connection with them. I thought that was just an incredible story"

Check out the video & hear the song:


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