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The Mascot Theory Bringing ‘Every Sign of Life’

The Mascot Theory is a wildly entertaining group that brings a bit of pizzazz to the core rock and roll sound.  The Mascot Theory is bringing its A game with the new release titled ‘Every Sign of Life’.  Just as your favorite sports mascot gets you pumped up during the game, The Mascot Theory brings endless energy to the table on the new album.

The band is made up of five members and they include Erik Kjelland on lead vocals, rhythm guitar & harmonica, Cory Swadley on lead guitar & vocals, Nick Fry on bass guitar & vocals, Paul Metz on drums, percussion & vocals and Brandon Jensen on keys, guitar &vocals.  ‘Every Sign of Life’ was produced & recorded by Terry Manning at Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillo, Texas and mixed & mastered by Terry Manning at Compass Point Studios, El Paso, Texas.  The project is a major hit in my book as The Mascot Theory plays and performs like true champions.

The record kicks off with a single called “Piece by Piece by Piece” and right away you hear a raw, edgy sound that peaks your interests.  “Piece by Piece by Piece” is a well-constructed tune that has the perfect balance of rich music, thoughtful lyrics and sharp vocals.  The Mascot Theory follows up with a rock-solid set and strong performance on “Andromeda”.  This particular song will keep the listener engaged from start to finish making “Andromeda” a must listen!  Track three, “Lavender Blues”, has a mysterious & exotic element in play that immediately draws you in.  Sweet “Lavender Blues” will be ringin’ loud in your ears all day long.  Next, we hear “The Wrong Side” that offers a catchy vibe that just feels like the right stuff all the way.  Take a chance and walk on “The Wrong Side” where everything is well-played and right on point.  Moving along, “Shy Ones” is the following number and this song glides along wonderfully with a steady pace that is striking to hear.  We now reach the “End of the Line” where a rockin’ hook wins the race for The Mascot Theory.  “End of the Line” is a real crowd-pleaser that will have the audience on the edge of their seats.

It’s time to get into the groove on “Sliver of a Maybe” where good times fill the empty space as I am truly feeling this jam.  Track eight, “I Need You”, offers up a bit of a slower tempo that still pops and packs a powerful punch.  Additionally, “I Need You” is full of emotional chords that will touch the listener.  Let’s jump into “Fast Car Getaway” and drive off into the sunset with this gem of a song.  The following song, “Goodbye I Wish You Well”, provides major appeal and one fan-friendly tone.  The music and the lyrics truly hit on all the right notes on “Goodbye I Wish You Well”.  Track 11, “Coming Home”, supplies a welcoming sound that comes across as a home sweet home-type of a vibe. 

Next, we get “Stone Cold” that is simply cool to the touch and chill to the bone.  The Mascot Theory is “Blowing Smoke Signals” into the airwaves while delivering one mighty performance.  Track 14, “When I Drift Away”, has incredible melodies & harmonies that are extremely pleasing to my ears and musical palette.  The Mascot Theory ends the 15-song set with a fitting finale on “Best is Yet to Come”.  This is the perfect ending, in my opinion, because the listener receives an uplifting message that the “Best is Yet to Come”.  Hope runs wild on the closing number, which is something we can all use from time to time.


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